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Someya's article on E-skin was published as a cover story for the September issue of IEEE Spectrum.
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IEEE Spectrum
BBC "CLICK" @ 1st April, 2017

News and Topics

2018/2/18 "Skin Display" was presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.
press release for more information video

Roda Nur won CEMS Rising Star Award at CEMSupra2018.
"Engineering Higher Sensitivity in Capacitive-Type Strain Sensors using Buckled Ultra-Thin Gold Films"

2017/10/19 Wonryung Lee won Best Poster Award at 2017 ICFPE.

Sunghoon Lee won 2017 Excellent Doctor's Theses Award.

"High gain organic amplifiers for sensing of biological information"


Porraphon Tantitarntong won 2017 Excellent Master's Theses Award.

"High Sensitivity Tuning of Work Function of Self-Assembled Monolayers Modified Electrodes Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Treatment."

2017/09/21 "Stretchable and waterproof elastomer-coated organic photovoltaics for washable electronic textile applications" was published in Nature Energy. link
2017/09/21 "A transparent, conformable, active multielectrode array using organic electrochemical transistors" was published in PNAS Early Edition. link
2017/09/04 Behind the paper article about "Inflammation-free, gas-permeable, lightweight, stretchable on-skin electronics with nanomeshes" was released on Nature Biomedical Engineering. link
2017/07/18 "Inflammation-free, gas-permeable, lightweight, stretchable on-skin electronics with nanomeshes" was published in Nature Nanotechnology. link
2017/06/28 Porraphon Tantitarntong (M2) won the Best Poster Award at 9th International Conference on Molecular Electronics and Bioelectronics (M&BE9).
”Fine Tuning of Work Function in Organic Electronics Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Technique”
2017/05/15 "Printable Elastic Conductors by in situ Formation of Silver Nanoparticles from Silver Flakes" was published in Nature Materials. link
2017/05/03 Highlighted article on Advanced Science News:
"Stretchable Ink for Flexible Electronic Fabrics"
2017/04/01 Our development was covered by BBC NEWS."'Electronic skin' to monitor your health"
2017/03/23 Naoji Matsuhisa won 2016 Excellent Doctor's Theses Award.
"Printable Elastic Conductors for Large Area Stretchable Electronics"
2017/01/05-08 We exhibited a booth at CES2017.link
2016/12/14 Our review paper "The rise of plastic bioelectronics" is now published in Nature. link
2016/09/06-08 Naoji Matsuhisa won Student Poster Award at 2016 ICFPE.
2016/09/05 "A Mechanically Durable and Flexible Organic Rectifying Diode with a Polyethylenimine Ethoxylated Cathode" was published in Advanced Electronic Materials. link
2016/09/02-07 Exhibited a booth at IFA2016 Consumer Electronics Unlimited in Berlin.
2016/05/18 Yanyang Ju (M2) won Best Oral Award for Students at ISOME2016. link
2016/04/01 Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota was promoted to Lecturer.
2016/01/25 A transparent bending-insensitive pressure sensor was published in Nature Nanotechnology. link
2016/01/06-09 Exhibited a booth at CES2016. link article
2015/11/10 A printable, flexible, lightweight temperature sensor was published in
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
(November 9 2015). press release paper
2015/10/22 Exhibitd a booth at DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO. Won "Innovative Technologies 2015" Special Awards by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.ExhibitionAwards
2015/10/01 Associate Professor Bo-Ru (Paul) Yang (Sun Yat-Sen University, GZ, China) gave a seminar. link
2015/09/08 Professor Thuc-Quyen Nguyen gave a seminar on September 8th. link
2015/07/22 Dr. Tomoyuki Yokota received SSDM Young Researcher Award 2015.link
2015/06/25 Printable elastic conductors with a high conductivity for electronic textile applications was published in Nature Communications (June 25 2015).
press release paper
2015/06/25 Professor Luisa Torsi, Department of Chemistry, University of Bari "Aldo Moro" will give a seminar on June 25. link
2015/06/05 "Rational synthesis of organic thin films with exceptional long-range structural integrity" was published in Science (June 2015). paper
2015/02/24 Fever alarm armband: A wearable, printable, temperature sensor was presented at ISSCC2015. link

We exhibited a booth at nano tech 2015.

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

2014/11/25 Dr. Shailendra Joshi (Columbia University Medical Center) gave a seminar link (PDF)

Professor Someya gave a talk at The Marcus Wallenberg Prize Symposium 2014.link


Our team exhibited a booth at innovation JAPAN 2014. link (only in Japanese)

Dates: September 11-12, 2014, Venue: Tokyo Big Sight


Professor Someya was listed in Reuters' "The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds: 2014". link

2014/04/01 Professor Tsuyoshi Sekitani was appointed a Professor at Osaka University.
2014/03/24 Naoji Matsuhisa and Yuki Terakawa received 2013 Master Thesis Awards.

A few openings for Postdoctoral Scientists. 【positions are now filled】


The world’s first flexible wireless organic sensor system was presented at ISSCC2014. link


Naoto Yamamoto (B4) won the best prize at the 30th Doko Speech Contest. link (only in Japanese


Our team exhibited a booth at nano tech 2014. link

Dates: January 29-31, 2014, Venue: Tokyo Big Sight

2013/11/27 Prof. Someya gave a lecture at Hongo Senior High School. link
2013/11/06 Prof. Someya gave a lecture at Meisei Gakuen Senior High School. link

Professor Someya gave a plenary lecture at Healthcare Device Exhibition 2013, which was held at Pacifico Yokohama. link (only in Japanese)


Our team exhibited a booth at Healthcare Device Exhibition 2013. link (only in Japanese)


Professor Someya gave a plenary lecture at FPD International 2013. link (only in Japanese)


We organized an open symposium for Study Group for Flexible Medical Information Technology. link (only in Japanese)


Our team exhibited a booth at Innovation Japan 2013. link (only in Japanese)


Someya's article on E-skin was published as a cover story of IEEE Spectrum (September issue). link

2013/08/20 Prof. Someya gave a lecture to Science and Mathematics majors at Bunkyo Gakuin University Girls' Senior High School. link

The world’s lightest touch sensor made by the world’s lightest and thinnest organic transistor IC was published in Nature (Nature July, 2013). link

featured magazines: IEEE Spectrum / Scientific American / NewScientist / Popular Science


"Ultrathin, highly flexible and stretchable PLEDs" was published in Nature Photonics ( Nature Photonics July, 2013). link

2013/07/17 A group of Science and Mathematics majors from Bunkyo Gakuin University Girls' Senior High School visited our group and attended Prof. Sekitani's lecture. link
2013/07/01 Prof. Someya gave a plenary talk titled “Ultraflexible and stretchable organic devices” at EP2SD-MSS in Wroclaw, Poland. link
2013/06/04 Prof. Someya gave a plenary talk at International Symposium on Functional Pi-Electron Systems in Bordeaux, France. link
2013/03/06 “Organic transistors with high thermal stability for medical applications” was published in Nature Communications. link