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Someya Group have been dealing with Organic Electronics since our laboratory started in 2003. Organic devices have attractive features; such as its ease to be fabricated on plastic films, its thinness and flexibility, and its extraordinary durability from banging and bending.
Our recent research focus is bio-medical application of organic devices. We aim to develop novel electronic devices that can harmoniously interface with living bodies by taking advantage of the inherent softness of organic materials and the remarkable features of organic molecules. Unprecedentedly light, and ultrathin, soft ICs, light-emitting devices, and solar cells are our latest achievements. Our next challenge is to expand them into “wearable electronics”.
Approximately 30 members, one third are from abroad, therefore, all the group meetings are conducted in English. The backgrounds of the postdoctoral researchers and visiting researchers widely vary from electronic engineering, material engineering, to bio and medical background. This is a strong advantage for us to cultivate a new frontier in engineering. We welcome new colleagues who enthusiastically tackle dynamic and cross-field researches.


Takao Someya 
Ph. D.
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo  

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